114. True Rewards

Was very tempted to download a game tonight, perhaps one of my old strategy games. Exhausted after meetings and clients but … no.

If I want to change my life this is the last chance.

Every scrap of free time can’t be polluted with noise from the Internet of ‘sweets’ for my brain, like a game.

I know it sounds puritan but what choice do I have? If I want to write and finish a story, in some format,¬†and make some money this way in the future – instead of all the other ways that I’m sick of – then … I’ve got to be puritan.

Or serious, if you will.

No ‘rewards’ for a long hard day’s work, like noise or sweets.

Just use my last to get that story done, or writing of equal importance – like this.

Then what’s left of time and energy can be used to give myself a reward.

If I feel I still need one.