119. Looking Forward

After a long day with Client, I went home to meet up online with some old friends and do our role-playing thing. 25 years ago we started this way of meeting and we still do, although we no longer see each other often, in physical space. So be it.

I had looked forward to it, but the sessions fizzled a bit, because one of the guys had to look after sick children at the same time. Other two guys then told ‘horror stories’ about their children being sick and how much they had puked.

We had good laughs and then I was annoyed: That we didn’t get to play that much in the fantasy-universe we have created.

On the other hand, I truly felt that I wouldn’t mind that excuse, if it had been me, to break it off – ‘that my children were sick’.

I’m just going to have one in this life. And I look forward to caring for him, even when he is sick and it is annoying.

I probably can’t keep up that attitude of looking forward all minutes of the future, but I can when it matters. When I have to. I am sure of that.

Perhaps that’s all I need to be sure of, when it comes to having a child for the first time.