134. I Commit

I had this feeling yesterday, after thinking much about what to do with my writing, that I’m also equally clueless with regard to my blogging. Since I’ve been blogging on and off from 2004-2017 this is not exactly something I admit lightly.

But think of this: What kind of audience am I blogging for now? How am I going to find the people who will appreciate what I write? Who will be able to use it?

Conventional marketing wisdom, which I’ve tried a few times over the years, says to go niche and define a narrow topic of interest. Then you find your tribe who has this interest and connect.

But The Blog is about … Everything. It’s more like BoingBoing.net with a whiff of intellectuality and attempts at being poetic.

For now I’ve decided to not give a fuck about conventional marketing wisdom. I tried that in 2015 when I paid thousands of dollars to train in that and came away not happy.

In fact, my coach at that time said it: “I think you should just blog about what you want and see who shows up.” And he had a monetary interest in teaching me how to blog for a niche, so go figure.

So I’ll blog. But I have to do something to get someone to show up, more than just blogging.

With the size of the Internet today it’s probably not realistic for me to get search engine traffic until maybe 5 years down the line, maybe more. At that time there’ll be about 2000 posts and I will have linked a lot and probably been shared a few times, so it all adds up. But more is needed.

And not just to be seen, or to test whether or not people appreciate what I write. I also just need to talk to other people, to socialize online. To maybe find new friends. Get out of the relatively static social circle, for both good and ill, that I have in real life.

So from now on I’m going to comment on one blog per day. One blog.

I’ll just google blog+ whatever catches my fancy and comment on one of the first few posts. I’m not even going to look for something like a pillar post or a topic close to what I just wrote about over here.

I’m just going to talk to people. Contribute a little. Make them feel that somebody cares about … them.¬†And what they write.

I’m not naive. This is basically a-throw-it-against-the-wall-and-see-what-sticks-approach. It can only give results if done consistently.

Day after day. Year after year.

But why the hell not? Why couldn’t I by way of this completely random method meet at least 100 people who would come back to read regularly, if I did it consistently over 10 years? A little tribe of a 100 quality readers. Maybe I only meet 25 but the rest then come in from their networks.

That may not be the most efficient quick-results-approach in the world. My coach from the marketing course would definitely not like it.

But I’m not in doubt that it can give some results. After years of persistence. The Blog is supposed to be a place for people to come and read and feel uplifted. That’s what it’s intended as. Whether or not they care about art today or lost someone special yesterday or are worried about money tomorrow. All of life goes.

I guess there can be only strategy to get readers for a lil’ topic like life in general: To spend life finding them.

Fair enough. I don’t feel particularly down about having written myself to that conclusion.

What a pleasant surprise…

No, I feel that it gives me what I need: Hope and energy. Damn right.

Why? I don’t know. Maybe because it is about saying to myself: I commit.

Maybe that’s what I need every time I feel I’m stuck and getting nowhere and having no clue.

Maybe I just need to say: ‘I commit.’

I’ll remember that.