149. Looking The Right Way

This morning (Tuesday) I felt again like I would never really reach anyone with this blog, much less contribute something to their lives. So I had to do the math once again.

If I try to contribute something that really, really means something to other people’s blogs each day, then that would be about 14000 such contributions for as long as this project is planned to be in creation.

Some of those will obviously come back here and get something from the blog, some will keep coming back, and some will recommend it to others, who in turn will recommend it. It works like that, with or without a plethora of social media to back it up. It’s the human connection that counts.

And, just as importantly, it counts for even more right now what I can bring to the table of others. What I write here is significant to me, but won’t be for others for some time, and that is how it should be.

Others are building their homes in cyberspace or have been building for a long time. They will appreciate more than anything else that people stop by and give a hand.