151. Point of Divergence

In alternative history writing there is a concept called POD – Point of Divergence. Like: When history did change – and what caused it? Was Oswald late for lunch on 22 Nov 1963 and if so, did JFK get home alive for his lunch?

I’ve toyed with this concept in my new story, The Many Worlds of World War III (see downloads), which is finished now. First draft, anyway. It’s really unpolished, but then again … I don’t feel I need to polish it too much. There’s a vibe and a nerve to it I like. And I’m still undecided if this writing-a-little-bit-again should be for anything else than pleasure.

There’s a strange silence in my mind after writing this, my first coherent story for years. Our home is filled with all sorts of other thoughts and words because Char is expecting any day now. And since I have stopped taking in major new clients for my web consult-business for these weeks before and after her due date, I’ve not much to do except do the dishes, wait and then of course look at this story.

I’ve deliberately not written the story to consistently reflect a finished idea about a cosmology of ‘how time and time travel works’. I have mostly made everything up as I went along, writing more with emotions than any other driver.

I suspect there are quite a few inconsistencies to be found for that reason, but to an extent I can live with that. Makes it a bit more in the spirit of one of its inspirations, an older Japanese ‘surreal scifi’ movie called The Dimension Travelers.

I’d like to do more stories about my protagonist, Mary Strachan, since there are obvious ways to follow up, now that I’ve developed her as a character to this point and laid down the basics of how this fiction universe works. Oh, I definitely would like to.

I feel … really good about this story, and that it is finished now. I feel quickened (reference intended) in a way I haven’t felt for many years.

But aside from all that … I think I’ll probably just throw myself back into the fun part – creating something new – in a few weeks or so.

But first I’ll let my own life’s Point of Divergence take place.