164. First Peace

A grueling first 3 days with so many hits at once – trauma after the cesarean, exhaustion, baby-worry (and screaming) and general logistics breakdown of shopping/cooking etc.

But last night we hired a private mid-wife to come and help us, talk about it all, give morale boost. It cut deep in the credit account but was worth it. I could launch into a tirade about why the world’s best welfare state (Denmark) isn’t up to scratch when it pushes new mothers out of hospitals a critical time, but I’d rather just say that it was a moment of grace. Because it helped us enough, to gain peace and a good night’s sleep.

Mostly it helped by telling Char that she was good enough even though nothing worked, that Jay was going to make it fine, and generally feeling her situation, taking time for it.

Maybe it’s bad that you have to buy those things, if you can’t get them from friends who family who live nearby and have the experience (we have that but they don’t live nearby). Maybe it’s a topic for political discussion.

Maybe later. For now … we enjoy the peace. And peace gives an opening for all the love to pour through unhindered. To┬áJay.

P.S. I am listing my back-log. Rest assured the 14012-blogging streak will be fulfilled. And this day is a part of that promise