17. Sorrow’s Opportunity

For every instance of grief and hopelessness, every experience of it, there is an opportunity to do some good elsewhere. This opportunity is, in a sense, fueled by the sorrow of the very situation that seems so devoid of any ‘good’.

The opportunity arises if enough energy can be mustered, from the insistence on bringing balance in one’s perspective … which can be done when one is ready.

Not to suppress grief, or diminish it. Grief has a life of its own. But to bring something out in oneself to stand beside the grief. An anchor, a rock, a light that will help through the grief and beyond.

If the time is right, then the experience of sorrow and grief can be used to turn our relative helplessness in the face of death and dying and pain and loss around. We can use the experience do some good elsewhere, whatever elsewhere is.

For example, the loss of a family member can be used as an inspiration to write something of value to help others who go through similar sorrow.

That is why grief is never truly private, nor just a destructive force – unless we let it be like that.

I didn’t feel like writing about anything else today. But I suspect this topic will be important on another day.