170. Simpler With A Baby in the House

Choices, I mean.

And my attempt at Internet detox becomes a lot easier. Here’s the secret:

Jay is asleep for max 2 hours at a time during day, then he wakes and needs to feed or take a poo or get a little attention. And Char is already heavily sleep-deprived and steeling recovering from the not-so-fun circumstances of the birth. So I help out where I can, whenever I can. And I have no business doing business until May 29 when I get back into the office.

I do want to blog, however, just once per day, and maybe continue self-editing my new 100 page short novel. Just those two things. Oh, and reach out to other bloggers – stuff like that.

But I find that aside from a few unpredictably blessed hours when Jay sleeps, I am fresh enough and no house-work is waiting, well, then it is difficult to do even that small stuff. I don’t write essay-length blog posts and just one per day, and I’m satisfied with doing 500 words of edits per day, as I was with writing the same number.

But … difficult.

So using the Internet for anything else becomes easier. Morning Joe is simply not important enough, or anything else.

So time limits are a great incentive to focus, as always. What can we do then to set these limits in ways that work to motivate us to be more efficient on tasks for our most valued projects – aside from having a baby every year?