182. Customer Care

… spending most of the day in my rented office space, all alone, because it is a holiday here in this country.

Not that the holiday helped.

Around noon I clearly felt the grip of analysis-paralysis. What I needed to do to make more money, at least 1500 USD more per month from now on, that eluded me.

I had this idea bout an ideal customer but not where to find them or what competitive products or services to offer. Or rather: I had quite a lot of ideas, but I always found faults with each of them … do a course, do an ebook, network marketing, cold calling, etc. etc.

I looked for that single thing, it turned out, which would just … fix everything. Make me money. Stable money. Joyfully. Perhaps even so joyfully I didn’t need to think about the imagined-more-joyful income called “passive”, or royalty-based. Or just more ‘passionate’.

I really felt I should find it all today, because it was the first day after more than a month of child birth-stuff and exhaustion with my few core clients and … stuff … when I could sit down and figure out how to go from here.

No matter what I come up with after my analysis of how to make more income, in more passionate ways, I need to make money now. More money. Passionate or not passionate. Doesn’t matter. But of course I want to make it in a way that’s … better.

Better than what I already do. Scrounging for clients. No clear plan or purpose. Sending out an email here. Networking myself to a client there. Pitching something over there. Getting this and that person. Sometimes thrown my way by a search engine – wooh!

But nothing clear and predictable. And nothing very enjoyable.

But around noon all of this had become concrete in my head. I felt I could not decide what strategy to pursue to get any of the vague things I had defined for myself I wanted to get, in order to improve my business, my enjoyment of my business, and – above all – my cash-flow.

Only that bit about some more capable clients … that was clear. More or less.

So I had a choice.

I decided that action was better, and I think I was right.

So I sent out several pitches, many of them gauging interest from former clients, my list members and so on, for tailor-made WordPress courses. A few pitches for gigs that I found posted online – a webshop here, a website there. That’s what I did.

But no grand plan.

Just do it.

I haven’t gotten any response on any of it so far. But I’m glad I acted, even if it was … messy.

It’s always better to do something, than go into that analysis-paralysis world. Always.

I can do more things from now on, more or less thought-through. Then I can take some time each week to think more about short-term strategy and gradually build a solution. I can take some more time aside from that to reflect upon long-term strategy, i.e. that ‘find-passionate-income-project’.

Eventually the short- and long-term will come together, I will know what to do. I will have tested options, seen new opportunities, feel more safe about setting a course.

But I can’t find those golden solutions to make more money in more enjoyable ways, either short-term or long-term, just in one day. I guess I knew that before I started, very ‘cold’ after almost a month of Baby World.

I knew it would not be so easy, just go back to the office and come home with Big Strategy. And Big Results.

I knew it would be messy.

And yet I dared to think for some hours that it would be fixable, easily, just like that. That I would think about things then come up with Perfect Solution For All Time.

I guess I should be angry with myself for being so naive still, but I prefer to give myself a compliment for nurturing hope that things can be better.