19. No Veggies Required

This morning I felt remarkably sluggish and first wondered if it was because I was, well, older …

42 and not in shape, so why not?

I’ve heard older people (older than me) say again and again: ‘I don’t have the energy I used to’. And it’s been a long time since I took the black belt in Taekwondo and was in peak condition, at just ‘the right’ age.

Then I thought about it being mainly because I had had just bread and coffee for breakfast. I needed something green and fresh – a good juice, home-made.

But as I went shopping for ingredients for the use, I began thinking about what I would write and draw next in my recent and probably last attempt at doing a graphic novel of sorts.

And that energized me. Much.

To coin a cliché, as I walked home from the grocery store and thought about a new great idea for this particular story, then I felt ’20 years younger’. Gone was the sluggishness.

I’m not saying age, shape and veggies don’t matter. They do.

But it is remarkable that – aside from a purposeful, hopeful vision of how to contribute to the world – the simple act of telling a moving story makes me feel alive again. No veggies or weight-lifting required.

I’d do well to remember this for a long time.