198. Mental Martial Arts

So another few days went buy working for Annoying Big Client.

And yes, I’m still sworn to look for alternative clients, to diversify, expand. All that, yes.

But while I am dependent on him for 75 percent of my monthly income I can do something else that makes it worthwhile enduring doing work for  this man.

I can see my work as giving me something I actually like, even if it is tough. Instead of taking it away from me.

Like, taking away my sense of

– being appreciated personally

– of being heard when I try to address a problem

– of being able to work effectively due to the constant bad decisions of my client for his web services

– and so on.

Taking away those things but earning a buck I need in return.

I always liked martial arts, though. Did a lot of them when I was a teen, in fact.

So I’d like to see this work as mental martial arts. And I like to see every hour I have to spend working for this client as a training program making me a black belt and beyond.

In mental martial arts.

Like keeping my cool, making the best of a bad situation, juggling the actual role of being a chaos manager instead of a marketing manager, all that. All perks of doing mental martial arts.

Then you want something difficult to endure. So you can show how strong you are. Mentally.

I like that.