199. Selkirk’s Island

Today I took a break between clients and went to the comic shop I’ve frequented since I was 12.

Don’t go there much for comics anymore, just good chats with one of the old employees. A friendly version of Comic Book Guy from Simpsons, oh yes.

We talked about my latest live-talk, upcoming and planned, about another historical character that fascinates me:

Alexander Selkirk – the real Robinson Crusoe.

Had I started doing the talk yet?

No, even if I had sold my first few based on rep alone. But simply no time to start – yet.

I excused myself a lot. Business was hard. Even if I like better doing historical talks, it just doesn’t sell as well. Well, it does in some periods, but usually I’d say no.

Libraries, churches, public universities, senior academies as they are called … all of these are customers but they aren’t exactly falling over themselves to buy.

So … hadn’t started yet. Though, I had talked about it for months, admittedly.

Then I went out, across the street and saw that in another window – of a games shop – was a game about Robinson Crusoe and some secret magical island.

I like to believe everything is connected and that there are signs, coming from deeper  – most unexpected – levels of the universe.

Of course that kind of stuff was like a label they put on me in psychiatric hospital 12 years ago: Suffering from magical thinking.

I don’t really care.

I’m doing this talk in July, illustrating it and will try to sell it big time this fall, even if it was planned for next spring originally.

Oh, yes, I will.