2. Being an Entrepreneur

I was considering for the nth time today if I should sign up for the limited entrepreneur program of my insurance scheme.

It means I can be an entrepreneur a limited no. of hours per week.

I will have to deduct everything I earn from my unemployment insurance which I currently receive for another 46 weeks or so.

I still have to seek full time employment as per the rules.

It also means that I enter a rather ambiguous territory legally and financially, until I have found a job. In theory I risk that they pull the plug from my insurance payments if I “work too much” as an entrepreneur.

“Too much” in this case is an unspecified no. of hours, to be judged by the consultant of the day in the insurance organisation.

It is troublesome, outmoded and a lot of paperwork – this path to being an entrepreneur. But I haven’t found a job yet so I can earn a living and bootstrap my company on the side, in my spare time.

I have hesitated for months signing up for the limited startup-programme under the insurance scheme, because, as said, there is a LOT of red tape in it.

There is a LOT of reporting I have to do, aside from what I already do to qualify for the normal insurance payments for the unemployed.

So the bottom line is that I’ll either continue to do nothing and only look for a job and then wait until some unspecified future to start for real on my enterprise.

Or I go through more red tape, add more work to my life and overall add exstra risk.

That sounds a lot like the life of an entrepreneur to me.