203. Beauty

Time to be philosophical – not in the least because the day has been anything but, with breadwinner-work and baby-work.

Okay, here goes:

Happiness and peace taken together equals a sense of … beauty.

This is first and foremost and inner experience, or an inner journey if you will, since there is nothing fixed about it.

But what it means is that outside events can be pretty screwy and it is still possible to create an experience of beauty, in principle, as long as the focus is on creation of the experience and not primarily on controlling outside events.

Focus should be on controlling inner events first, then. Then the world can be as it is, which it inevitably will.

An additional good way to is to remind myself that it makes no sense to stress about something non-lethal, like my lack of art success, or income, or anything else – even the mess in the kitchen (esp. that!).

It makes no sense if I don’t know how long I live or if I will ever achieve any of these ‘goals’ in the end. What if I don’t and thus waste a lot of time stressing?

And what about all the things I don’t appreciate by giving all my perceived ‘lacks’ in life dominance in my mind – so I don’t permit myself fully to enjoy what I have?

I have noted this before, but it is worth repeating. For it is intimately related to the focus on creation of beauty in my experience (peace and happiness) as opposed to control of outside things.

It doesn’t mean that some outside things shouldn’t be controlled or changed. You have to control your path out in front of a car if you want to survive to experience beauty. Or fight a war. Or leave an abusive spouse.

It is not so trite as to say that all things can be made better by only focusing on ‘giving me the wisdom to accept the things I cannot change’.

It is about focusing more on what can be changed, and realizing this is actually a lot – inside.