21. Children Allowed

We drove home from the Christmas gathering and got back to the City, some hours before a major storm hit the country.

Overall, it had been some very good days. Especially yesterday when Char, I and my sis- and brother-in-law had been sitting around the dining room table and helped each other finish the LEGO-sets we had given the kids for Christmas.

The kids like to play with them, but they are still too young to have the patience to build them all the way to the finish.

One of the things I like about getting older is that my patience has grown considerable. I do believe this will serve me the best.

The world isn’t built for impatient people.

Impatient people will jump from one project to the next, not making any true headway, for example.

But since the truth is that it always – always – takes time to build something big and important, than skipping constantly from one project to the next is a truly bad idea.

A close relative of impatience is the increasing tendency to escape into reading and opinionating instead of creating and working.

Reading about other peoples’ recipies for success.

Opinionating about other people and their success or lack thereof.

Instead of working hard yourself to get results, risking your creations all the time and against time:

What if the time you spent writing that book, or blog or piece of software was a waste?

Well, I can tell you what is a waste: Reading about Steve Jobs’ success (until he died) or desperately looking for a new project which will give you success quicker, instead of finishing the one you are at.

Children are allowed this impatience. Not adults.