216. Time Travel Together

Wrote a long email for my best friend, MN, who is right now vacationing in Vienna with his wife, and pretending he can travel in time.

Well, he is at least when he reads my email. Because in essence the whole email is, like many others, not addressed from my but from my alter ego to MN’s alter ego, LA. Our alter egos are roles we adopted many years ago, when we had a role-playing campaign about time travel which we both loved very much.

We have since on occasion pretended we still played that campaign, by just pretending to sometimes write mails to each other as if we were really the fictional characters in that story that we both created almost 25 years ago.

The present email is about a mysterious man, possibly another time traveler, last seen in Vienna. And I urge MN – or rather LA – to research this man and write me – or rather my alter ego – back about what he finds out.

Who knows what MN will write back? Probably something, since he is a storyteller by heart and loves this story.

Yeah, I think he will spend some quality time with his wife. But I also think chances are high he will write just one email about what exactly happened to that mysterious man that may or may not be another time traveler – with access to the secrets of time travel, which were all buried and gone by the end of the original role-playing campaign. So nobody could access this dangerous knowledge!

But some stories are very strong. Especially stories that spring from strong friendships.