217. Faith and Patience

Been wondering a lot when it was time to get anyone to read this blog. Currently traffic is virtually zero but so is my promotion efforts.

With baby Jay, my self-employment bizz and dishes, promotion of this blog just hasn’t been top priority. And logistically it is very difficult. At home I’m constantly interrupted. At work I’m … at work.

Excuses aside, I’ve also felt a certain inner resistance. I’m not sure what it, but perhaps it is to do with a sense that it is indeed too early.

I mean, the whole conceit of this blog is that I’ll do it for 40 years-ish – every single day – which will probably make it the longest running blog, Gods willing, in this century.

So … how does it look if I promote the heck out of the blog after just 217 posts?

I’d say … my feeling is it should wait until at least 1412 posts – a 10th of what is planned, or thereabouts.

Maybe this is just another excuse. Maybe there is something I am afraid of which has nothing to do with this number.

But right now it feels as if I’m afraid of being seen at a point where I have really nothing to show.

And not just afraid to be … not seen in general.

Maybe this is the time to find those two great powers within:

Faith and patience.