223. Building Culture

Had a business-meeting with a 25-year old marketing manager from another company that wants her to do a new webshop for them, and I wonder when she will be better at this work than the guy who is supposed to teach her: Me.

For she seems so very smart, bright and quick in everything. I do believe her when she says she learns everything when having heard or seen what to do just once.

She shows me some examples of what she did layout-wise with her old system and I believe her even more.

So … maybe I can sell her a couple of WordPress coaching-sessions, full-day or close to, when she comes home from holiday next month. It looks like it. We hit it off well and she thinks my price per hour is reasonable.

But like some strange echo of the novella I wrote the other day, about mid-life crises, I catch myself feeling that in a way I’d rather not have this customer.

In a way I’d not be reminded that I am 18 years further ahead of her, career-wise, and have almost zero to show for it, because of all the different circumstances of my life and all the different things that I have done to earn a livelihood that did not work out for me.

Then I ask her where she is going on vacation and she answers:

“Eastern Europe. Interrail. 22 countries in 3 weeks.”

“Why Eastern Europe?” I query.

“Well, I have been to Spain and I just figure that Eastern Europe has got more culture.”

I nod politely and mention that I have been to Spain a couple of times. She was there two years ago – walking the Camino.

And by the way, she figures Eastern Europe has got more … culture.

She is a sweet bright young thing and I’m sure she will move on to do great things, but right there and then I don’t mind too much having 18 years on her.

Maybe I have something to show for them after all.