225. Things to Remember Right Now

There is no quick fix¬†…

… to my income situation, to earning more money in more enjoyable ways than doing webdesign for more or less tiresome clients that I have to hunt down every day.

Sometimes I try, though, and think I can come up with a way to fix it all – if I Just Find the Right Strategy.

And fix it yesterday, mind you.

So I tried one day in early June, as many times before: To think up a Big New Strategy that Would Free Me Yesterday from All My Problems with Career and Income. All the frustrations would be wiped away.

And of course I failed.

I knew in my heart it would not be so easy, like just go back to the office and come home with Big Strategy. And Big Results. I knew it would be messy.

I probably knew I would fail to find the Holy Grail in just one afternoon when I was really tired of it all and gave it an all-out try and rethought my entire business-strategy to try to find a better way.

And yet I dared to think for some hours that it would be fixable, easily, just like that.

That I would think about things hard enough and then come up with Perfect Solution For All Time.

I guess I should be angry with myself for being so naive still, but I prefer to give myself a compliment for nurturing hope that things can be better.

Being more efficient is the key – no matter what I do

Baby Jay might – just might – end up helping me getting more goals achieved, because I become more efficient. I tend not to be efficient when time is not precious.

So time limits are a great incentive to focus, as always. What can we do then to set these limits in ways that work to motivate us to be more efficient on tasks for our most valued projects – aside from having a baby every year?

That is still something I’m working on, although it has helped to decide not to use the Internet unless I plan what to do on it. It works – as long as I keep it up. (And sometimes I flunk.)

There’s a major time-sink there, and most likely it is there because I want to escape and feel better for a little while, thinking of something else. But I must be strong here. I must think of what I want and create it – not escape.

Speaking of thinking …

I must build endurance

A good, positive strong mindset is what you need more than anything to make the best of your small business, including but not limited to, the web-part. And I am by default my own best case here. Everyday I have to train my mindset to stay on, to move on. It is a question o endurance, of holding on …

Aside from acts of God and other knocks that life can give, such as health problems, I should still strive to create a system which earns me – by delivering something valuable to many people – and which I control.

Otherwise I will still be swept away by everything that happens around me. That goal is still the single most important from now on. And that takes … endurance.

I like to see every hour I have to spend working for difficult clients as a training program making me a black belt and beyond. In mental martial arts.

If I can’t have public victories – yet – such as making more money and moving on to more and different clients, then I can have this private victory. I need victories like that to move on through difficult times.

And keep delivering results for others

Some days not only was the lack of income is getting to me, but also the sense that I am not providing value – not using my skills and experience for any good for anyone. But I can be. I can write something and put it out on my blog. And some people will read it and benefit from it.

So that at least I can always do. And that is half the way getting where I want to be. I’m speaking of this blog, I suppose, although no one reads it yet and I don’t feel I have the wherewithal to market it yet. But right now it is more important that my business blog is growing – the one place where I help small businesses make the best of the world of websites and webshops.

And in a way it is refreshing – working in the world of private business. Not like university where you could get away with writing something clever but which ultimately didn’t help someone.

Or a relationship where you can appeal to someone’s sympathy. Here it is just that: Deliver results and get something. Don’t deliver – don’t get anything. It is hard, but should it really be any different?