249. Security

Another day with work, prep for baptism and more work – home-work with Jay. And I must say it again:

When you have children you automatically have more conflicts – the adults. Being 42 and 43 is no security against that.

However, if your relationship is old, too, and has grown old through trials then age makes you more secure in your ability to solve the conflicts that do arise.

If not, something is wrong. Perhaps your relationship.

Fortunately, I can say it is not wrong here. But I’d would like us to become even better at defusing conflicts before they start.

There is always some work there, perhaps, and as stated above. But progress is necessary – to feel it.

I think a reason for more conflicts is that we’ve both been stressed and perhaps haven’t thought out how to prioritize work, baby and baptism and other activities all too well this week and the next.

But that, too, is a useful insight.

So as long as there is that, and no blame games, we can move on. Let it be like that.