269. Reason

There must be a reason why we are living in these different dimensions, if it is true that it is so.

The best one I’ve heard so far is that we can’t experience ourselves as boundless and limitless and light and so on, our true natures if you will, if we don’t temporarily impose some limits on ourselves.

If we don’t go out in the Arctic once in a while, we can’t know, appreciate or even – eventually – experience what the tropical breeze is like where we usually live.

Not if we are eternal and live in this or these dimensions for millions of years. At some point we will simply not be able to know, appreciate or experience where we are if we have forgotten the contrast.

That this contrast necessarily implicates a long journey through many physical lives that can include every possible experience of suffering from child cancer to hunger is just that:

A necessary fact. But the reward is great – the increased ability to once again appreciate and experience our true power and nature after having lived already in these other dimensions for what amounts to an eternity, before deciding to limit ourselves for a few thousand years or so here on Earth, or in similar physical worlds.

This summary of the world-view – which is better explained in, among other sources, Martinus’ cosmology or Neale Donald Walsch’s Conversations with God-books – doesn’t help us much, if we are suffering or emotionally captivated by suffering of others. Then it is just a fanciful theory, esp. if we are not already open to such perspectives.

There needs to be something else in place to facilitate a true mental movement towards openness to more than the physical life; a movement which I suppose an author like Neale Walsch would call ‘remembering our true nature’ – (just as planned). What could that be? When could that be?

Obviously arguing about it on Facebook and elsewhere and calling each other names for believing something – or believing the wrong thing … that is not very helpful.

If I should believe in a more advanced version of this cosmology I just outlined – walk the talk – I would have to have faith that when the time is right people would begin to remember, just as I believe I have done.

This remembrance could take the form of an experience – say, of being helped when praying in whatever manner feels right for the individual.

It will come when the time is right because we all connected to a power – a wholeness – some call it “God” – which drives us towards this point, but also allows us to remain in ignorance as long as it fulfills an overall purpose of ‘recharging’ our mental batteries; providing enough contrast of experience so we can exist on in more boundless dimensions for a good chunk more of eternity – once again.

That is the kind of perspective I guess I have to keep, although it is not satisfactory in and of itself. I would like to help those who are ready to open themselves to the Bigger Perspective. I would like to recognize those fellow humans better.

So I can act, perhaps on an inspiration, and give them what they need. Not to believe in a specific religion but to gain more hope and well-being, like I described above, and then some pointers for setting out and finding their own answers.

Answers which can be experienced and have practical relevance in people’s lives … they must not just be answers that are purely abstract and cannot be tested or experienced.

We have had enough of these from established religions.