270. Chicken Toddlers

Today we checked out a possible nursery for Jay and were both quite taken aback.

It was just … too big. 72 children for six rooms, and the building not particularly inviting.

I know this is reality for many here, and probably worse in less rich parts of the world – if they even have such things as nurseries.

But still … to leave him there, it just didn’t sit quite right with any of us. If we had the choice, come spring.

So we will look for something smaller, to begin with. Daycare … perhaps.

He has to learn social skills and all that. We have to go to work and all that.

But if we can avoid it, why throw him into what feels like a chicken farm for toddlers?

I’m sure we’re not the first parents in the world who felt like that.

We all want what is best for our children, or at least should. Trouble is that we don’t always know what will be, and even when we are sure we know, reality won’t always let us choose that.

But damn if we don’t give it another try, then.