276. Reminders

Teaching WordPress all day and getting paid for it, which begs the question – how can I get to do that again?

Which begs the question: Why do I want to work, when I should create ‘passive income’ based on royalties from a product-line etc? [Sarcastic reference to previous attempts at creating this reality in my work-life?]

I think it comes down to this again: That I do enjoy giving – I do enjoy the real-life connection – I do enjoy seeing the results, or lack thereof.

The strange thing is, I now remember: Back in my early 20s I decided not to pursue my dream of becoming a comic book artist, just for these reasons.

Okay, the chief reason was that I felt it did not have purpose enough to draw comics, it did not do enough for other people. It wasn’t that I was too alone or isolated in my work.

But there is a relation, and it feels very clear now … in retrospect.

How strange and wondrous, in a sense.

Obviously I still want to create some assets which can earn me money, without active work. It is, after all, the only reasonable thing to do as I grow older, with less energy and more prone to illness, and have little to show in the way of savings or investments – nothing in fact.

So even if I, as stated previously, have given up my pursuit of ‘passive income’ for now, it is still something I not only want to but have to do, down the line. But now I will wait and let time work for me (or hope that it will). I will try to have faith that my intuition and own inner maturity will give me inspired ideas in this matter, because I know I need to find something to do that springs from a purer passion and a purer purpose than earning money – or prestige – or position. All of which have tainted my efforts so far. I need to shift gears totally here.

I know all this.

So nothing has changed and yet much has changed. Because apparently I have not known myself well enough.

Well enough to remember that whatever work I do in the future, to earn a living, as long as it is not too dreary or filled with a majority of people I don’t resonate with … it is certainly work that will have to include and be done for … other people.

Actively. Face to face.

Not from a distance. Not always, at least.

This was another reminder. But I will take it to heart.