283. Life Remembered

Worked in the Royal Library on my next live-talk about Alexander Selkirk – the ‘real Robinson Crusoe’ – and got afraid that I might forget to do things like this in the future.

You see, I’ve really had to make an effort of will to take this time off, with no new customers, my credit being chipped at each day and not being quite finished with two previous customers. 6 days I’ve slated to make a functional talk, which will then have to be illustrated and refined.

Sunday I will market it, and  – at some point – make money from it. At some unknown point…

What was so moving for me, as I sat there looking up at the immense reading hall and feeling the tranquility, was that I remembered what it was like to feel alive again.

I had just finished geeking over a report about some archaeologist digging out a 16 mm piece of metal on Robinson Crusoe Island and then writing 69 pages about whether or not this could belong to a pair of dividers owned by Selkirk (in 1704-09 when he was marooned on the island).

Then I paused. Then I remembered how much I enjoyed this.

This week was not just necessary to recharge my batteries after the stressful period of late June to mid-August, and the weeks after that when I could not just butt out of jobs I had promised to do for customers.

This week was and is necessary to feel alive again, and that is something higher than just feeling rested.

I pray I shall finally remember this, every time I need it, and for the rest of my life.