290. The Point

I woke up feeling absolutely not up to do accounting today, which was the plan, and had to decide if I ‘dared’ re-prioritize.

This afternoon we are going to the gym (in shifts) with Jay, long over due. And then shopping. So I only have limited time and I already feel fed up, especially after a Tuesday where my mood was really sub par.

So I had to ask myself what was the real reason it was important to do accounting today and I came up with three:

  1. I have to do it, so I know how much from Q3 I have in surplus that I can transfer to my private account and reduce the interest (yes, it’s a credit account)
  2. I have to do it so it won’t be too much work in the future
  3. I have to do it so I can get on with other activities in my business, like earning money

Reason 1 is already too late. I’ll pay interest in 10 days and I won’t reduce it much by acting now.

Reason 2 is okay, I guess, but I may only have 20 or so posts to do, so even if the work is cumbersome it can be postponed without world crashes.

Reason 3 is the most urgent in a sense, but since reason 1 and 2 could be said to be invalid, I might as will triage this one and say: ‘Can I make any difference for myself doing this today – any real difference?’ The answer is no, so let the patient die and move on to someone who I can actually save.

The last one is a bit difficult then, because I also have an urgent need to catch up with the personal stuff – you know what makes life worth living, at least from one perspective – my blogging, my attempts at drawing and writing, and maybe reaching out to friends, and – oh, yes – getting back on track with some kind of concrete purpose that helps others in real need – something I find I am missing a lot, too, these days.

You know, trying to earn money enough to be able to donate them to a children’s home in Bolivia or something. That was the last part. And I’ve neglected this for many months, since I had my own problems – including earning money – and since I thought my own problems had to be taken care of first.

This Friday and Saturday and Sunday will be all about installation of new furniture – beds and shelves, and clearing out my old comics and depositing them at my parents. And then going to the flee market with Char and Jay where we have a stand. And family visits, of course. My father is going to drive those comics home, after all 🙂

And tomorrow I might get requests from existing customers, since I have not been able to completely shut down the existing projects. They are still looking at the task list – and checking if all functions are, well, functional. So they could come back with requests. Today or Thursday. As a matter of fact, I just serviced one such request a few minutes ago.

So it seems that if I don’t make a conscious choice I’m going to end up in quadrant one or three of Stephen Covey’s famous priority-quadrant:

One – Urgent and Important (requests from paying customers)
Three – Urgent but not Important (requests of others, especially friends and family)

Three could be Important, yes, but it seldom is. We could have a family dinner another time, of course, but there is only so much time you can delay such things.

Well, I’m going to delay accounting and all things business, even though my sense of my credit account is not … good. At least not my sense of the pace in which is is emptying, again. And those money are loans I took from Char to cover old credit which I owed to the bank. So now it is personal – I feel I have to earn those money back and more. Soon.

If only I didn’t feel so damn tired and overwhelmed.

Well, sometimes you just to choose what you know is best for you right now and hope for the best. Otherwise what is the point?

I’ve made this point often enough to myself and I’ll make it again today.

So blogging it is …