30. Natural Effects

Another day with more meetings trying to demo WordPress to people, who might become customers. Another day with more thinking about how to make a two-room apartment baby-friendly.

But in the evening, there’s just … me. Yet.

Char’s reading a book and I’m watching Supergirl. But as usual, I’m the one to not stop thinking.

So in this episode of Supergirl, she races The Flash in some outdoor-setting – looks like Montana or whereever. White open. Nature at its grandest.

Two young movie-stars, looking good.

But it just occured to me, in a very deep – Deep – way … I could be standing there, too. In Montana’s open spaces.

Looking across the big wide nature and up in the big wide sky, or anywhere else that reeks of grandeur. Feeling … like I was invited to be there. To be … a member … of it.

I could do that now, or when I’m a 100 years old.

And I’d still feel young.