300. Realistic Narrative

As usual, every 100 posts, here are some reflections about where I have been for the last 100 days – and some about where I am going.

Due to the waves that have crashed in early-mid October so to speak (more on that on these post dates) this ‘look back’ is probably more going to be a ‘look forward’, because so much is still uncertain at the time of writing this post (mid October).

So I will post-pone it until sometime in late October when I know more about … what that horizon looks like.

Reality is not able to conform to a neat narrative, but it is no harm being reminded in that ever so often.

But the surprises we have from living reality may often be combined into new narratives that make sense, when the old ones are gone or hard to see.

All it takes is a little flexibility of mind and … lots of work.