307. The Critical Part of Friendship

“Your noble friend will not accept pretension but will gently and very firmly confront you with your own blindness. Such friendship is creative and critical; it is willing to negotiate awkward and uneven territories of contradiction and woundedness.”

― John O’DonohueAnam Cara: A Book of Celtic Wisdom

Another quote I found from John O, as I try to catch meaningfully up with the posts after a period of disarray.

Another quote that will prepare me for the time to come. Perhaps.

But whatever the case friendships were always a great source of strength to me, especially after hard times in that friendship as described by John.

And it is hard to tell the truth to a friend, if the friend does not like the truth.

It carries great risk. But it is worth searching for a way to do it, without ego or judgement.

Then the truth can come through to that friend and he can see your love, literally. You are not out to hurt him.

You are there to help.