308. Remember This When The Dark

There is also the part of cleaning the soul up and I realize this is what I have done, just for a little bit but with results.

I did it by stopping doing the dishes and making the beds and instead diving into quotes from one of my favorite authors – John O’Donohue – for about an hour, looking for them and reading and reflecting.

And writing. Lest I forget that part.

I think it will only work for real, to strengthen me, if I go back to these quotes and the books more and more each day. It is with such things as with all other things, if you focus more on them, they grow in your focus.

And I need this help, and for it to be more than symbolic, especially considering what shadows may be in the future – again.

I need this. So why not continue?

Writing past blog dates in an hour may have been relatively superficial work for The Blog, but I am banking on the strength of the quotes alone to be enough to make it meaningful to have spent posts on them.

It certainly was for me.

I allowed myself this dive into words that can help and strengthen me and make me feel … beautiful inside.

I did this for an hour and already I feel much better and more hopeful.

So the intention was good and the result. I hope it will be for you, too, but it can probably only be if you need to read something like John O’Donohue and you then do it, and do it attentively.

It is not  ‘quick read’ or fix, although the words are woven to affect you deeply, even in small doses like these quotes.

What is it about and author like John O’Donohue that just … works … for me?

I think it is his ability to combine the practical life-experience with philosophical reflection, often surprising – and then bring it all home to a poetical conclusion that lifts your spirit.

It is the same I wish to do with The Blog. For many thousands of posts from now on. For you.