33. Finding the Right Percentages

I think I know what the problem with my lack of soul vitality is – or part of it.

It’s definitely about getting more together with like-minded people, who want to do something for the world. But it’s not just that.

It’s more about just getting out more. Out of the house.

That will happen automatically when Jay arrives and I do need to find a new office, not too expensive. Something shared for a few hundred bucks per month.

But there are So Many shared offices spaces here in the City, so why not find something with a little more soul vitality?

Something that’s not just a bunch of random start ups, thrown together.

One making the new tooth paste which will save your smile.

The other designing the new pair of trousers which will save the look of your behind at the party.

But … how about a cluster of startups and/or small companies who have a more social goal as part and parcel of their business?

Yeah, that feels better.

Getting together with such people, even if we don’t work together on the same project – that is sure to have some effect.

Maybe at least 50 per cent of my soul vitality will return just by being in such a place …

A good 10-20 per cent more, if I could help these people with their websites and shops and marketing, volunteer or with discount.

That would get me involved and it would make Vita Via – my business – more relevant to the greater world and not just local entrepreneurs doing everything from new tooth paste to new trousers.

What would add even more per cent to my soul would then be … if I could, in accordance with the above, redefine and expand Vita-Via’s mission.

I can.

It’s not just about helping small firms to prioritize and get the best, cheapest and most empowering websolution.

It’s about helping every body with this! From firms to NGOs to public institutions, even.

Here in our country and, in time, elsewhere.

I need a site in English first before ‘elsewhere’ can become real. But I will have to start somewhere, so … okay.

And getting together with people – working, in one way or other, through business – or the like – for the greater global good – or the like … that could be it.

Then I could do my home-work, helping everybody in our country with the best websolutions. But some of those everybody would get more empowered to help others in the rest of the world, due to my work.

Whatever it is that they do to help:

From funding tooth paste factories in Malawi to improving conditions for trouser sweatshop-workers in Malaya.

I look forward to testing if this works. I need those per cent back.