332. Using Belief For Others

Brunched with a good friend today, FS, who told me that his son had been ill for 3 years with bad kidneys when he was an infant. We were talking about our kids, so the topic came up naturally, but it made me think, in a good way, about how fortunate we are that we ‘only’ have to deal, so far, with Char’s relatively superficial health problems (her hand).

If Jay gets a similar health problem, of that magnitude, it would absorb much more time which is a short commodity already. And mental space, of course. The very thought of it is very heavy, so I shan’t keep it for long. And I’m grateful that FS’s son survived and is in good shape today as a teen, although he still has to go to regular checks.

But that’s just a nuisance, nothing more. And nuisances aren’t potentially lethal.

I’ve heard news from my other good friend, MN, and about his very ill parents – his mum with chronic heart problems and his father with cancer, albeit treatable. They are not on the brink right now but it seems like that brink is always with in throwing distance for them.

MN has told me that it is affecting him profoundly although he is keeping a good balance in his life with many wonderful things, like a new record launch and – finally – a little son coming in spring. But his parents’ problems are probably not going to go away until they die, because they are so old and frail, and it takes up a lot of his time, energy and heart.

In such a situation, I would turn to some kind of Higher Source – God, the Universe, whatever you believe in that is greater than you and which you believe is benevolent. I’ve always been in doubt where MN is on that matter, whereas with FBS it is not difficult (he is a priest by profession).

Aside from the good things I can do as a friend, by sharing my company, some good times and a good ear when needed, I wonder if there is anything I can do to facilitate an opening with MN to use that dimension in life – The Higher – as a source of help? Would he be capable of using it with his particular personality and outlook?

I am in doubt, at least on short notice.

Would it help, if he opened more to it? I am not in doubt. No matter where this energy is coming from I have no doubt it is there if you open op to it.

And before you ask, I find it plausible that that is part of our journey here – its purpose: To learn to open up to that energy from The Higher in order to experience it again. I find it a reasonable cosmology that there are many more dimensions than this and that we come from a place of much more light with a big L than this Earth or any similar dimension, just like people tell about when they have had a socalled near-death experience.

I doubt sometimes, yes, but I also find it very plausible, not in the least because of my own experiences with seemingly receiving help when praying – such as energy, or inspiration about what to do in a difficult situation.

Psychology only? Perhaps, but if it works?

I guess that is the operative phrase here, and I think God – whoever S/He is – would agree: “If it works … ”

The key is to find out how to kindle that energy of hope, in particular, in a difficult and dark situation. Where ever that hope comes from does not matter so much. Only that it feels genuine for the man who needs it.

I would pray and recommend others doing so. MN might need something else, at least in the short term. Maybe for the rest of the term.

But what is it? Is it something I can help with?

For the sake of our friendship I will let this question linger much and return to it, and pray for an answer. That way I can use my belief to help him, even if he does not believe in it or can benefit from a similar point-of-view.