339. Business of Life

Did some marketing today on the usual channels and made a few offers and then there was a big emptiness. You see, I had carved out more hours – some at a library – to do work, but there was nothing to do. And existing clients where in Limbo, not answering my mails on follow up-issues.

So what to do?

I decided to head home early and take care of the family, even if it felt like a let-down now that I finally had made some arrangements for extra time, and Char and Jay seemed in good shape on their own.

In principle I could have created more material for my (webdesign) blog and thus upped the chance that people might find me via Google and decide to become customers, but that is a very hard, very long-term strategy and I felt in absolutely no mood to do so.

Right now I want to use whatever time I have on my family or on pitching to people who might conceivably become customers – direct pitching. No roundabout.

I know building assets online is important and my site has become smaller after I weeded out a lot of fluff-articles and decided to focus hard on webshops.

But this is right and it will be an investment in my family which might make Char more okay with taking more time with Jay later on when I need it, even if she is dead-tired and her hand hurts. So that’s balance.

And overall we both have to remember that even if we have not talked about it and decided it actively, we are deciding with our default actions how to spend our money – especially Char’s inheritance. And if not on difficult times, then what?

But all that I have reflected on before and it seems relatively straightforward – and it’s good to remind myself of that, even if it is frustrating that I, personally, am chopping away on my credit again (which was propped up by a loan from Char’s inheritance). But overall we still have what we need and will have what we need for many months.

We shouldn’t rest our laurels, of course not. I should work as much as I can now. I should work on long-term as well. Char should apply for jobs when her maternity leave expires and she begins to spend her insurance for monthly payouts in a limited time.

But many such decisions about what to prioritize – time or family or something else – are made from day to day, and have to be made from day to day. And this is such a day.

Just another day in the business of life.