34. Planet Earth

Watched an episode of David Attenborough and BBC’s Planet Earth II, which I bought ‘for’ J.

Well, I guess I really bought it for myself, maybe for Char when on maternity. But it’s nice to think that I can use this – one day – to show him some of the wonders of our world.

When we’re not able to travel or go to the zoo, that is.

Attenborough’s nature programs have been with my since my childhood, it’s like he is a force of nature himself.

He is also 90-ish today, but I know that he has had such an enormous impact that it just won’t stop when he leaves this Earth.

There’ll always be his spirit, at least to my mind, as the principal narrator about all things nature, the sharer of wonder.

Watching the episode also made me feel that another important way to regain some of that indefinable soul I feel I’ve lost in the last years, is to be more with nature.

Maybe I can’t go to the savannah every day and watch lions, but Attenborough can take me close enough. Close enough for the soul.

If I ever end up in a hospital with a terminal illness, or just something serious enough, Planet Earth is what I would watch if I could.

To remember …