342. Good Sense

Another day of the mix of trying to work a little and then do family, but with a focus on family since it is weekend – in spite of my insecurity about how much I can earn in the near future with the few hours at my disposal during normal weekdays.

But, as I’ve discussed with Char, it doesn’t make any sense to panic either – and that is a fact if there ever was one. I have to keep up a routine that is as close to a normal, optimal week as possible with full time Monday-Friday and then focus on family in weekends.

And sure, if some big deadlines on big projects come by I might make exceptions to the no-work on weekends rule. But it makes no sense to try to rush in and work during weekend because I got little work done during weekdays. At least no so far as we have money to bear the loss of me working only 15 hours or so, and using most of that – this week – to send out pitches that may or may not yield future customers.

So keep cool and don’t work in the weekend, at least not yet. And not unless the above-mentioned special exception – The Big Really Important Project for The Big Customer. Who is not here these days …

It is difficult but it makes good sense, to maintain this schedule, even though my income is not good currently compared to expenses. Otherwise I would never have a day off – including a day off from trying to earn money and carve out time to earn money. And then what would be the bloody point?

But it takes some ice in the stomach, I’ll admit that.

Even so, I got the ice and a good Saturday with Char and Jay in the house we have for some weeks yet. The weather was a bit dreary so we didn’t take many walks, and definitely not by the seaside nearby. But then we lit a fire in the fireplace and watched the rain and did some housework and played with Jay, taking shifts.

There are worse Saturdays, and the ones that are indeed good will only come around if you insist.