367. Those Are The Facts

News is the same shit … what can you do about the world, except feel more and more outraged? Better to read it very briefly to see if anything really important has come up that affects you, or might, and then read some research or in-depth articles about an issue, such as a particular political issue.

Poverty in Africa, injustice in Myanmar and Donald Trump’s new (and amazingly inept) kleptocracy in America – all of that is real and should be dealt with, at the very least by trying to create more abundance, more justice and more honesty around oneself in one’s daily life and be an inspiration.

Which is why watching pundits whine endlessly about the state of affairs is not going to help and is no help.

Buzz? The value of buzz? What somebody on Facebook thought about some half-funny meme someone else sent along? Well, ’nuff said about that.

So this is It. Now I am quitting all that.

I have 20 minutes every day to myself. After Jay starts daycare I might have an hour or two at best, because I still have to spend more time making money.

So those are facts.

They should make it easy to choose how to spend that time for some years in the future.