375. The Problem Itself

Another ordinary workday on all fronts, so I felt it right to try to sum up how the hell I want to balance life and art – from now on.

Yeah, from now on …

This day. Not another day.

Well, I’ve tried for a few days with my new super-focused use of spare time (again – usually not more than an hour each day), and here’s the rhythm I have found to work so far:

During the day I can watch YouTube-videos but primarily on business matters, such as advice for WordPress freelancers.

After my usual work day ends – (which I try to realize at 4 PM, although as a freelancer that often slips, as you can imagine) – after that I watch primarily videos about art.

That rhythm has worked well. Until I found out the Internet itself was the problem – and the temptation to focus on everything else than what you had decided to focus on.