39. The Solution to Whiners

Just watched the press about the press conference of soon-to-be President of the World, Mr. Donald Trump.

I wanted to be angry with him and the people who elected him.

And the broken system that got him elected, even if he didn’t get the most votes.

I wanted to write something angry in a Facebook-group or a forum. About how utterly stupid and  hopeless he and his followers are.

But then it struck me. If I did that I would sink to his level.

I would whine and complain that my team didn’t win this time.

That somebody cheated. And somebody else slept and didn’t show up.

Which would be what our President-to-be is doing on social media several times a day.

The highest office in the world and still he is obsessed with some actor making fun of him somewhere.

Calling people names and worse. Berating them for being utterly stupid and hopeless, in his not-so-humble opinion.

I can do better than that.

I can start looking for the real solutions to the world’s ills, including Mr. Trump.

Whining on social media isn’t one of them.