399. Maturing Ideas

I don’t think I need to recount either my frustrations with trying to find a type of product for my webdesign business so I could earn more passive income, or at least more predictable, automated income – once everything was developed, tested and setup of course. Oh, and once I had some traffic. Which always seemed problematic, since I live in a small language corner of the world (English is not my native language).

These past days, after the decision to lay low business-wise for 2 months – I have taken a few hours here and there when Char was out with Jay for some activity or just a walk. To blog. Which is fine. I don’t need anymore.

I don’t need another big project in my head to compete, once business starts for real again. I already have The Blog. And Hammer and Magic should rather not be a ‘project’ – but relaxation.

Char is going to her first job interview next week (first try after she started applying again). She is to be fundraiser for another humanitarian NGO, if she gets it.

I guess it is decided then. Now to let the decision mature for some months. That is always a good idea with these kinds of projects.

But not more.