40. Constellation

We went to the north, to meet with Char’s family on the birthday of her grandmother (father’s side) who had died this year in May. She would have been 90.

This year in May, Jay will come to the world and his great-grandmother will only know if she is truly somewhere Else now, but still watching.

We can probably never know in this life, only surmise, believe, have faith – about what people gone before us ‘know’ or not. Beyond …

But the fact that the Beyond also sends us new family is worth hope and smiles.

Like those old schoolbooks from the 1930s we perused together, at the family  meeting. A girl who went on to become a grandmother and sort of a great-grandmother.

As Jay hopefully one day will become a grandfather.

I always thought it was a cliché, not worth much, that there is this cycle of life and death.

Or perhaps of life and new life, depending on how you look at it.

But I find at times like these, just thinking of the cycle is reassuring. No matter if anything happens to each and every one of us after our cycle ends.

Perhaps we should think more of others who have come before us and who will follow us, like this.

Not like successive sparks in the dark, each fanning his or her own ember desperately until it dies.

But like a long chain of lights, perhaps even forming a pattern. Like constellations.