403. An Important Remembrance About Sex

Might as well get this written down before I forget it.

Mind you, it’s not like Char and I have a sex-life right now, which is as it should be, because her recovery from the birth is what takes time. And then there’s is Jay. And we have had our fun, and lots of it, in younger days. So this is not about how problematic it is that we don’t have sex again. It is about what is worth remembering when we do have.

And I can say it just like it is: If you cum while masturbating to porn or with someone you hardly know there is a sure-fire void after that, right there in the middle of your chest where your heart is supposed to be. It’s not a sin. It is not a disaster. And your hands definitely won’t fall off.

But if you cum while having sex with someone you love – in a way you both love – then that orgasm can go all the way to the heart. And even if it doesn’t, you feel your heart more than you did before you had sex. Not less.

Banal, I suppose? And yet it can be excruciatingly difficult to remember.