415. The Start of Inner Power

From post 16. The Key:

Peace is first and foremost an Inner Experience, an Inner Journey. So outside events can be pretty screwy and it is still possible to create inner peace, in principle, as long as the focus is on it and not primarily on controlling outside events. Some events, of extreme stress cannot be controlled – inside or outside. …

Yes. If I can change my inner experience of any given event or situation, I have mastered it. And one experience that I really want as ‘basis’ is an experience of peace, so events that happen and affect me adversely (like getting fired) will not affect me as powerfully emotionally.

That peace is both dependent on a peace that has been established before an adverse event happens, by building up a resilient worldview (if we can call it that).

It is also a peace that comes from building up a habit of dealing with an adverse event in a positive way, mostly or wholly.

Meaning: If I can learn to interpret an adverse event in different ways, I have effectively eliminated its adversity, partially or wholly.

And that is worth reviewing.