416. Still No Hostages

From post 50. When I Escaped the Future:

Don’t make future goals more important than they actually are.. Sure you have to think about the future and important goals and all that, and sometimes at the expense of happiness in the present. But when does the balance tip? When is it too much? When have you become a hostage of the future?

This is also an observation I made a year ago and that I had thought about even longer and which still holds.

Future goals are important, yes, but if you stress about them so much that they diminish your life quality in the present for months, perhaps years, then what are those goals worth?


You need new goals, or at the very least – new ways of achieving goals.

So this is also a major factor in both inner peace, but also the whole shtick about achieving happiness by working on your experience of events first and second on changing those events, or accepting them – depending on the context.

More than once …