418. The Poem of the Mind

From 113. For Life:

These past days I’ve been feeling stressed – too stressed, thoughts racing, even my movements too rapid. Like a film set to go at 1.25 instead of 1.00 speed. And that is 0.25 points too much.

This Will Not Stand. The quality of my life is measured by how I experience it and I have to chose to experience it differently now. Before it gets too late all over again.

A part of that decision is about saying no to certain experiences, out in the world.

Another part is saying no to thoughts like racehorses in my inner world.

But above all I have to take it seriously and not just let myself be cascaded away by outer and inner events. I have to stop. And start over. For my life.

From 118. This Is It:

So maybe this is odd, but I swear – it has made me feel more alive than what I have felt in a long time.

Just thinking, talking and acting slower – much slower – than I usually do.

This is how to do it. This is how to get that quality – that presence – that mindfulness – call it what you want. T

his is to get what I longed for, but didn’t know that I longed for until I felt really, really empty inside for months on end… And I have.

But it is over now. I will keep this way of being here in the world up this time.

This time I will be here – with every part of my self.

This principle should then be about controlling the manner in which you think. Or speed. As the tin says.

It has a profound effect on inner calmness and clarity and peace of trying to slow down your thoughts, like you were trying to use them to write a poem instead of just letting all thoughts be a buzz or a cascade that drags you along.

So. That. Is. It. About. That.