419. Cultivate Your Mind

From 137. Kingdom of the Soul:

… Even though I am doing a reasonable job trying to shape my feelings about all of these life experiences in a more positive and constructive direction (without succumbing to unrealistic or ludicrous perspectives), I still feel it is not enough.

I could do better.

I could create a larger and sunnier ‘kingdom of the soul’.

So that is what I am going to do. For the rest of my life.

I know it sounds like internet guru course fluff, but it is true:

You have to be able to ‘clean up regularly’ in your mind if you want to achieve lasting happiness, despite the totally normal mood swings that is part and parcel of human life.

But bad habits in terms of how you think about yourself and the world (i.e. mostly negative) lead to more than just irregular mood swings, they lead directly to depression.


Those habits are the most important to change – the bad thought habits.