422. Lifelines Revisited

From post 295. Maintaining Lifelines:

I have a special lifeline by my bed, which is a book about Joan of Arc that I love very much. It always gives me great hope and energy reading about her.

So whenever I feel down or something nasty has happened I get a ‘fix of hope’ reading in that book.

I also have a close friend I know I can call at any time, and I know this is a privilege in a way. On the other hand, you don’t get or keep close friends if you don’t work for it. And many people seem to be too busy working their jobs instead of working on their friendships.

– I have some special music I always hear when the going gets tough and I need to persevere at something

– Long walks – wherever I can …

– And quotes

Think of it as the emergency kit. It doesn’t prevent bad stuff from happening, but it sure alleviates …

So now we are at eight core reflections about Inner Power for my Guide.

And there are more …