423. The Quickest Way to Avoid an Explosion

From postĀ 312. The Things That Work:

These things work to de-escalate anger and become calm: – stop the situation, remove yourself; then clean up; music … and a hot mug of coffee. Do something nice for yourself, too. These things work. So if it ain’t broke …


Yes. Learn to control your feelings. And learn the easiest ways of doing that.

Learn that there are alternatives to getting overwhelmed by feelings, like anger.

And that most often it works a whole lot better to find the stop button and then come back later and see if the angerĀ  is still there, instead of just going with it the first time around.

The difficulty lies in trying to find out how to make it a strong habit, to look for those ways for a breather when you feel the cascade of emotions.

So that IS important.