424. Light the Fire

Here are the conclusions so far from the reviews of my earlier posts about Inner Power:

  1. Accept that the best course to feel happy is to try to consciously change our experience of events – not events themselves. (Post 415.)
  2. Set future goals that don’t give you stress in the present.  (Post 416.)
  3. Control what goes into your mind. (Post 417.)
  4. Shape the way in which you think. And speed. (More on that in post 418.)
  5. Cultivate positive thought habits. (Post 419.)
  6. Only do major problem solving when you are rested. (Post 420.)
  7. Don’t judge yourself. Or others. (Post 421.)
  8. Maintain lifelines for hard times – especially friends. (Post 422.)
  9. Learn to wait to get angry. (Post 423.)

And now for the 10th reflection, from post 316. Reminding Light:

We have just been reminded, in our hearts, what we  knew in our minds: That my mother can get cancer, like anyone – again.

And the fear that she is somehow ‘especially  prone’ to the illness, I suppose. That new, starker, more resonant fear will not go away anytime soon, only be dimmed by time and need to live. And live well.

I guess we will have to find ways to enhance that need to live well, as an opposition to that fear which can probably never be eradicated, even if my mother is cured this time and never has another sick-day – until the final day. Opposition or balance in our life experience to the things we cannot change.

Or: Light a fire to keep us hopeful in the dark. Its’s an old truth, but it might as well be lived again.

I have emphasized the last part, so you get both the context – my mother’s second bout with cancer – and the conclusion that is really important:

Light a fire in the dark – to keep yourself hopeful.