425. Elaborations of Light

Here is a summary of my reviewed reflections about how to have more Inner Power …

  1. Accept that the best course to feel happy is to try to consciously change our experience of events – not events themselves. (Post 415.)
  2. Set future goals that don’t give you stress in the present.  (Post 416.)
  3. Control what goes into your mind. (Post 417.)
  4. Shape the way in which you think. And speed. (More on that in post 418.)
  5. Cultivate positive thought habits. (Post 419.)
  6. Only do major problem solving when you are rested. (Post 420.)
  7. Don’t judge yourself. Or others. (Post 421.)
  8. Maintain lifelines for hard times – especially friends. (Post 422.)
  9. Learn to wait to get angry. (Post 423.)
  10. If it’s dark, light a fire. (Post 424.)

I was thinking about an 11th entry in this list, but upon re-reading the selected reflections I felt they were better used as an elaboration on point 10 – about the necessity of always keeping a focus on building or appreciating something positive.

This is NOT the same as denying a ‘negative reality’, mind you – but it is about not giving it as much power as it seems to take from you at first: Whatever it is about …

Death of loved ones …

Job-loss …

Health-problems …

General sense of depression …

And so on.

Train yourself to build something that will oppose and balance the way you DO feel about these realities. Don’t deny them. But don’t let them take over, either.

Don’t deny the joy you feel, for example, about your kids, even if you are sad that your job got canned or that your own father or mother died.

Here are some more elaborations about how and why you should Focus Light at all times:

From post 326. Victories of Love:

… maybe Char and I are robots now. And maybe a day like this is a confused mess, with deep clouds on the horizon still, and objective recognition that you are just not getting anywhere with your business, dreams, goals. But you have the spark.

You have a smiling baby. You have a mom in good spirits. You have the will to accept the crappy work-hours and not whine, except maybe a little when you sit in the bus.

You have these small victories and if you pile them up and focus on them, they look like something.

From 331. The Point To Look For:

The point is, I am convinced by now more than ever, to continually ask ourselves – what is it about our experience of life that we can continually make better and brighter, no matter circumstances and conditions which appear unchangeable? No matter, that life will end? What is it? We will have to find out – all over again.

and finally … 349. The Empowering Choice Despite Circumstances:

Whatever choice my mother makes there will always be uncertainty for me, and probably for the rest of us as well. Chemo won’t kill that. The chances of her surviving until 80 or 75 or 85 aren’t really as important – really – as the quality of time that we spend together and the quality of time she makes for herself until she needs to leave this dimension …

It is a choice of how to live best that does not really require an answer to how long we will live or whether or not my mother decides to have chemo or not.

It is a choice about how to empower and uplift and improve relations. And that is always something that should be in focus, although sadly it rarely is until the demand is great.

But I feel empowered even so. I feel encouraged thinking about all the things I can do to share some beauty and joy and power, no matter what turn events take.

Many ways to say and see the same Wisdom … that is what this post should be about then.

And I hope to do a good job of pulling it all together.

But for now let these bits and fragments be guides …