426. To Make All Else Work

Now this is something important … again:

348. The Only Way Is Balance

A very difficult and delicate balance, which I have often written about, and I will do so again. But it is important to keep in mind.

Especially in situations such as this, where you are fearing for a loved one and pondering scenarios and outcomes and consequences whilst trying to live your daily:

Always try to keep a good balance between thinking and letting go and doing – something else. It is excruciatingly difficult but it is the only way – the only focus.

Otherwise you tend to veer off towards extremes, like depression or suppression – which is kind of the same thing really.

So again I take a deep breath and go for balance.

You can read the 10 previous Important Reflections etc. etc. about Inner Power summed up in the last post, so I won’t go over them again here.

Instead let me try to explain why this one is different from always maintaining a focus on building positive thoughts and appreciations as a balance to dark feelings and times.



I have thought long and hard and written a lot and erased it.

Instead I will put it all down to this: Before it gets too dark … go eat an ice cream and look at the sea. And feel better already.

This is about method and habit. And about how to make all else work.