427. Now

From post 347. Not So Difficult:

Apparently, once you make the decision to have faith and to set a certain course, it doesn’t feel all that difficult. It is the wavering that is difficult. The place where you are but you have not decided to stay. Or to go.

I have experienced this numerous times.

Decision will set you free –  even if you don’t know what is the right thing to do.

It is wavering  … analysis-paralysis … call it what you will: But that is the enemy.

The truth is that indecision is almost always worse than deciding something and trying it, even if you fail. At least you will have found out that that path was not for you, and can cross that one off.

That is an old truth, yes, and it has been repeated on many personal development blogs,  which is probably one of the cleverest when it comes to analyzing this topic more in-depth.

It takes courage to make a decision, yes, but as I have often – very often – found out … the act of doing something courageous will often make you feel brave. Even if it is a little step into the unknown.

So don’t sit around waiting to feel brave. It will never happen. Do something – to solve your problems – whatever it is. However small it is. Do something. Do it persistently. And you will feel braver and braver. And less and less indecisive.

You will also feel more informed – about what is good and bad for you in this particular matter. And hence more confident in making more and better decisions. And therefore we have a virtuous circle.

This is logic that has been repeated many times. The trick is to learn what weight you can and should start with, to get out of paralysis – out of the place of wavering.

What weight will you lift? What weight in the gymroom of life can you lift? What will give you a sense of victory or accomplishment? That will get you started … you go out, you do something, you learn something. And even if you get hurt, you don’t get hurt too much.

And that’s another way, hopefully, of describing why this works: Make a decision – try something – no matter what.

And even if it does not work it usually leads you to think about or remember or even learn something that does – to solve your problem.

Sitting around thinking and obsessing and fearing usually leads only to more thinking and obsessing and fearing.

Take action. Now.